Commitment Phobic Boyfriend

Attention: Women Dating Commitment Phobic Men!


Has This Ever Happened To You?

You met a guy and started dating. He pursued you hard, and things were going great at first…


He told you he wanted to get married some day and have a family… and that if he found the right woman, he wouldn’t have a problem committing to marriage.


He kept dropping hints of marriage and family someday….


Maybe he made long term plans with you…


Perhaps, at times he’d say something like “I’d like for us to go on an exotic vacation next summer” or “if we move in together, where would we put your dresser?”


And those things assured you that he didn’t just see you as something passing, but rather that he was serious about you….


But suddenly he changed….


You couldn’t understand what it was… but he was no longer as attentive as he once was….


All of a sudden he started making weekend plans without you….


And when you asked him if he wanted to do something this upcoming weekend he told you that he wasn’t sure what he had planned yet and wanted to chat with his buddy before he made any plans with you to see if his friends had something already planned for them….


He started going out with friends and you were no longer invited…


He’d tell you he had too much work and you couldn’t see each other during the week…


All of a sudden he started telling you that he is not sure what he wants, he is not sure he actually wants a relationship, he wanted to take it slow, he was too busy with work or school, he had other important things he had to take care of….


And you started panicking because you felt (and rightfully so) that the relationship went down hill… and that instead of it developing into something more intimate and close, he started to act indifferent and aloof….


And you tried to talk to him….


You didn’t want to seem needy and clingy, so you told him that you didn’t necessarily want to get married… but you hinted that you wanted him to spend more time with you….


Perhaps you even started complaining about him not spending much time with you any more…


And he said that he had other important things to do, and that you didn’t need to see each other every day….


He wasn’t cheating on you or seeing someone else… you were convinced of that…


And even though he still continued to see you and to sleep with you, perhaps even spend a couple of days together as a couple or go away for the weekend as a couple, at times he’d just disappear for a few days…


…. Didn’t call you and didn’t return your phone calls….


And then he re-appeared as if nothing ever happened…


You didn’t want to seem clingy again, so you tried to stay cool and to be busy…


But you loved this man, and you wanted to be with him as much as possible…


But out of fear to scare him off completely you didn’t say anything and accumulated your frustration inside…. Until that time it came out in an ugly angry outburst….


And when it happened, he looked at you like a deer in the headlights and said “I don’t understand why you are upset? Why are you putting these demands on me? I thought you were cool with seeing each other once a week, or on occasion… I didn’t think we were THAT serious!”


And you decided to go with it… again, out of fear to lose him…


But you kept hoping that things would change, because at times he still seemed interested…




After a while you decided that you’d just be more careful in what you say and do because you didn’t want to make him upset…

You started tiptoeing around him and it felt like you were walking on egg shells…

… because at any given point you didn’t know if he was just going to explode or shut down… for no apparent reason at all…


If this sounds familiar I must tell you that you are not alone!

Many women have experienced this before in their relationships…

So, why does this happen?

If you have been in a situation like this before, THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT!


If you are like most women you just want to have a secure committed relationship with your boyfriend knowing that he is insanely attracted to you and is deeply committed to you! 

I want to show you how to understand what truly makes a man commit to a serious relationship and marriage and how you can use it to your advantage!


Once you learn what makes a man commit to a certain woman, you will be able to understand your man so much better…



And get the kind of secure and stable situation with your man you've longed for!

You will be able to get inside his mind and literally read it, and know what he is thinking, and have the security from knowing that your man is deeply committed to you and your relationship!

You will be able to make the right decisions in your love life…

You will learn how he really feels about you….

And become more open with your man because you will have trust in him and the security from knowing that he is deeply in love with you…. And that he will never leave you!

You will be relaxed and happy in your relationship….

Your relationship will be joyful and fun…

You will never put up with a man who doesn’t treat you the way you want to be treated… and will never be disrespected or pushed away by a man again!

Why Men Won't Commit


When it comes to commitment, men unlike women need a COMPELLING REASON to commit to a certain woman.


Unless he has a compelling reason to commit, he will string you along for months, even years…. And he will keep coming back…. But never commit to marriage!


If you have ever known a man who goes through periods of extreme mood swings, he is LOVING one day and AVOIDS you the next, he does that because he wants to keep you at arm’s length, hoping that you will not get the idea that he wants something more serious!


If you want to REALLY know whether your boyfriend is a commitment phobic, put him at a test;


When a man has commitment issues outside of your relationship, he will not be able to commit to ANYTHING….


Look at his patterns in life;


Does he frequently change jobs?


Does he have strong ties in the area where he is living and in the community?


Does he have close friends and if so, how long have his friendships lasted?


A man who has commitment issues will display such patterns in his life in general.

If he has changed several jobs in the last few years…..

If he keeps moving from place to place, or doesn’t want to buy a house out of uncertainty…..

If he tells you he doesn’t know what he wants in life concerning his career, his home and other things, this kind of a man CAN’T COMMIT to a woman simply because he can’t commit to anything in his life!


If you have checked these signs and found that your boyfriend lacks these symptoms, chances are HE SIMPLY NEEDS A COMPELLING REASON TO COMMIT.


He may be telling you that he thinks he is a commitment phobic, but the truth is that it's just an excuse!


See, there are reasons men will not commit to marriage, but they won't tell you why!


And why would he? He is perfectly content telling you that he is a commitment phobic.


And hearing from him all of his 'plausible' excuses why he doesn't want to get married makes you think that he has a fear of commitment.


If your boyfriend is broadcasting that he is a commitment phobic, chances are HE IS NOT!


But the pressure he is getting from you, peer pressure from the society, and other expectations that people may place upon him makes him come up with excuses why he won't commit.


Which means, YOU CAN CHANGE IT!


Wouldn't it be great if starting today you could literally transform your rocky, unstable relationship into a wonderful fairy tale that every girl grows up dreaming about?


Just imagine how your life could change in an instant at the sheer thought of depth of love bursting through the gates of his defenses and taking you both to the altar!


Have the security of knowing that your man will be with you forever; that he is so in love with you that he will never leave you, never look at another woman the way he is looking at you, and having the status of a happily married woman!


Never again will you be worried if he is going to find someone else and dump you; you will never be worried again if he is going to call you or not; You will always have the Security and Stability from knowing that your man is deeply emotionally and officially committed to you!


How cool is that!


And the only reason you aren't currently experiencing the thrill of that dream lifestyle right this minute, is because the way you handle your relationship with your man is just not working!


And I'm not saying it's your fault, but the bottom line is that if your relationship isn't what you want it to be, and your boyfriend is not only noncommittal, you don't even know if he is going to call you tomorrow or not!


I know.... If you are nodding your head right now..... I am with you....


But if you've ever dreamed of having the security of a committed relationship, marriage, family and children, I'm about to lift the lid on my PROVEN formula for making your man literally beg for you to commit!


Why You Should Trust Me

My name is Elaine M.D. I'm a dating and relationship coach and an author of several best selling books on relationships. Most of my clients are women, and I mainly consult women on how to have great relationships, how to relate to men, and how to become the woman every man dreams about.

As long as I can remember I've always had a passion for helping women create the relationships that other women can only dream about in their wildest dreams. I have helped countless women meet and attract the most eligible men, achieve happy relationships, deepen commitment and become happily married.

Since I found this passion for helping women, I've never looked back, and right from the start the results I've achieved for my customers have been nothing short of phenomenal. I spend my spare time studying psychology and conducting workshops for women who are in need of advice on improving their relationships and getting a man to propose.

I've read many books on psychology, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and have studied thousands of scientific research publications related to relationships and commitment. I have improved every aspect of what I have learned about relationships and commitment to put it into a system designed to take you by the hand and teach you how commitment process works step-by-step so that you can take that knowledge and utilize it in your own love life and know the path you are going to take starting today that will lead you to YOUR happily ever after!

Since I published my previous book on theory of commitment - Guide To Commitment, I have been getting tons of positive feedback. This is theory based on scientific research, and I have been getting some astonishing results for my clients. This prompted me to write an advanced Step-By-Step Commitment Phobic To Husband Blueprint.

In addition to explaining how the commitment process works, Commitment Phobic To Husband Blueprint uses subliminal and sub-conscious methods that are aimed to condition people to say "yes!" to commitment.

And it doesn't matter what kind of a guy he is or what country he lives in – this system works regardless of your guy's geographic location or the language he speaks.

Once you read Commitment Phobic To Husband Blueprint, it will immediately allow you to see where your existing relationship falls down - so that you can strengthen its positives and focus on getting rid of the weaknesses.

This Blueprint is designed with your man's predisposition in mind, so that it will rip down his defenses and compel him to give you commitment without you saying a word!

No more nagging, begging and pleading, or trying to convince him to commit to you!

Get commitment so effortlessly that he will think it's HIS IDEA!

So many women nowadays try to get a man to commit by resorting to useless techniques such as convincing him, reasoning him, begging him, threatening him, withdrawing sex, punishing him, playing mind games, having a serious talk, and many other useless tactics!

The final result? Disaster!


The strategies you will find in the Commitment Phobic To Husband Blueprint are all based around the psychology of men and commitment. This means that you can ethically get inside the head of your boyfriend, and sub-consciously position him into the situation where he will want to give you commitment on his own!

Some of the true commitment techniques include...

 The ability to get inside of your man's mind and to know exactly what he is thinking and why....

 Specific emotions you can implant into your boyfriend's mind that are proven to make him think of you as his 'forever woman' v. a 'good for now' girl.....

 Simple techniques that will massively increase your desirability as a future wife as opposed to a casual girlfriend and subconsciously get him to commit to you!

 Three main factors that contribute to his reluctance to getting married and how to deal with them (pages 15 through 19)

 My formula for greatly enhancing the woman's power of typical "scarcity" tactics, that will not only increase the commitment in your relationship, but will do it quickly... (page 41)

 Powerful words you can say to your man that when said in a certain context, will sub-consciously and over time influence your man to want to marry you!

 A quick and easy solution to recovering the "lost relationship" and getting commitment from a man who would otherwise never commit to you.

 The one thing you can do to your guarantee that it will not only enhance your current relationship, but will earn you commitment from any man as soon as he realizes this!

 How to make your the idea of commitment appeal more to your boyfriend, and the best time to say certain things that will plant the idea of commitment into your man's mind.

 My amazing "shock reversal" paragraph that you can say from time to time that will transform your boyfriend from feeling skeptical about commitment, to literally begging you for commitment! (page 40)

And much, much more...

Let's Get To It Right Away!

Commitment Phobic To Husband E-Book

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Now I understand that all those might sound pretty tasty - but they really are just scratching the surface.

What's really important here is the results. The type of results that will make your man destined to tear down any defenses and make him give you the love you've always wanted...

Hi Elaine,

I just read your book "Commitment Phobic To Husband" and I must say it was truly eye-opening. What I realized was that I was giving my boyfriend all of myself without getting the same in return, and your guide explained to me where to draw the line and to know when I am giving too much.

Page 39 (second paragraph) was that missing piece that I needed for me to stop giving more and more in our relationship while getting less and less, and to realize where to set my boundaries on giving if I wanted to move forward, not backwards.

Thank you for all your valuable advice! You are right on the money, as always! I can’t wait to start using all the strategies. I wish I had read it before my relationship went sour. Oh, well! Live and learn.

~ Donna, NV


Special Bonus #1

How To Build Your Self-Esteem

I am sure you agree with me that a healthy self-esteem and confidence are irresistibly attractive traits in a mate. 

On a flip side, often the reason we struggle with relationship problems due to low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. 

I've included a guide on building a healthy self-esteem. Even if you think that you don't have self-esteem problems, this guide will teach you how to build and maintain it.

Special Bonus #2

The Power Of Positive Thinking

I am sure you know about the law of attraction. The Power Of The Mind! 

Knowing that you deserve good things come into your life brings good things to you. 

People are drawn to positive people, and are repelled by negativity. 

I've included the guide The Power Of Positive Thinking as a complimentary bonus with this package. Become a people magnet and make them want to be with you all the time!

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The Art Of Solving Problems

Do you have problems in your life? 

We all do, and not just in dating life. 

Problems come and go, and are something that unfortunately cannot be always avoided. 

Knowing how to solve problems and make negative influences in your life your positive assets is the real art. 

With this guide you will learn how to solve problems not only in your relationships, but in your life in general!



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A: Yes. This book is written specifically for women who want hands-on advice on EXACT steps to take and EXACT WORDS to say designed to implant the IDEA OF COMMITMENT into his head over time. For best results I recommend that you get both of these two books because they are different in that Guide To Commitment is more so theory and scientific data, and Commitment Phobic To Husband Blueprint is a practical implementation of specific actions and specific words you can say to your man that will plant the idea of marriage into his head.

A: If you think that the strategies used in this Blueprint are manipulative, you will find that what he is doing to you right now by stringing you along is way more manipulative than anything described in this Blueprint.

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